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Set M 70mm Class C Squared SS

ANG 3,092.94

System M, our self-closing pivot hinge, offers you absolute control over the movement of your pivot door. With just the touch of a finger, the pivot door is set into a single fluid motion. Opening the door is effortless and controlled, the movement elegant and the closing as soft as a whisper.

FritsJurgens’ self-closing pivot hinge System M creates endless possibilities regarding the design of your pivot door. There are virtually no limits to its size and weight, thanks to the high load bearing capacity of the system. The fluent movement of every pivot door with a FritsJurgens pivot hinge inside is guaranteed up to 350 kg. The height of the door is unlimited. Take your pivot door design to the next level with FritsJurgens System M
Material Stainless steel
Plating Plain
Color Grey
Box quantity 1
Nett weight in kg 5.923

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